• The foundation that started K.C. Entertainment Studios, Comics have always been a key aspect to what is done at the studio. From comic books such as “Sonic Star” to fun comic strips about every day life and beyond, check out the Comics section for great uses of art and storytelling. Want your own comic strip or book made? Hit the “Request Comics” in the drop down bar or head over to the Comics section and find out how you can have one made!

  • Whether it be still life, nature, weddings or portraits, we've got the crew to take beautiful photographs. You can find more pictures like this over in the Photography section. Interested in having your picture taken? Have an event that needs a photographer? Select “Request Photography” or head over to the Photography section and find out how to hire us!

  • A style of digital artwork gaining massive popularity in Hollywood. Rotoscoping takes a picture of any person and transforms them not only into a cartoon character, but into anything the imagination wants. Interested in getting one of your own? Select the "Request a Rotoscope" section of the drop down bar or on any rotoscope page to have your very own rotoscope done!
  • Whether it be a quick sketch done during down time, a tattoo design, a digital piece or any other type of art medium, you can find numerous works of art over in our Artwork section. Have an idea for a work of art? Want a tattoo design made? Head over to the Artwork section or click “Request artwork” in the drop down bar to find out how you can request one!

  • "Happy" is a video game that was released on Xbox Live Indie Marketplace on September 9th, 2011. Made by SOLLOMAN, "Happy" is a traditional platformer video game with the entire soundtrack being designed right here at K.C. Entertainment Studios. Head over to the music section to download the soundtrack for free. Interested in having your own song or album made? More information as to how you can have that done in the Music section or in the drop down bar.

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The Round Table: Episode 1

Written by Timothy Weaver    Sunday, 15 April 2012 23:09

Welcome to the return of the K.C. Podcast! This time we're doing things a little different from when we did the K.C. Studios Podcast. This time around we're changing our topics every week. This week it's politics. Join Zack Fletcher, Kyle Lock, Zakary Woodruff and myself as we discuss recent news in politics and world events.






Rick Santorum drops out of presidential race

Santorum's Daughter's Illness

Republic Lost

Fox News and CNN lose ratings

Rush Limbaugh Sandra Fluke controversy



Bradley Manning

Syracuse University Rape Scandal

Julian Assange Rape CIA Operative

U.S. Supreme Court strip searches



Citizen United

Olbermann suspended for donation

Bill Mahr pledges 1 million to Obama

Ozzie Guillen suspended by Marlins


Cancer vaccine developed

The End of Illness




Coconut Oil

Trans Fat




Last Updated on Friday, 20 April 2012 13:02


You are on planet Earth...I hope
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